Buyer Brain goes to New York!

The third edition of the NMSBA’s Neuromarketing World Forum will be held in New York during March 5-7. The key-note speaker is Antonio Damasio, Director of the Brain and Creativity Institute of Southern California University. He is the author of an impressive number of academic papers that brought significant contribution to neuroscience and understanding the human consciousness.

We couldn’t have missed this opportunity to meet and talk to some of the most important speakers of the moment, so we packed our bags and we are heading to New York.

Among the speakers, Steve Genco from Intuitive Consumer Insights and author of Neuromarketing for Dummies will present 5 Reasons why Market Researches Should be Worried  and 5 Ways Neuromarketing Can Help, through providing insights regarding the nonconscious cognitive mechanisms that underlie the decision making process. Professor Richard Silberstein, President of the NMSBA and Chairman of Neuro-Insight will talk about Neural Pathways and the Path to Purchase and will discuss about creating powerful imprints on long-term memory.

Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA) was founded in February 2012 and it is the only Association that brings together both professionals and scientists from this field. Among its objectives are: build a strong network of professionals from around the world; establish and implement a Code of Ethics that regulates research and establishes moral boundaries and foster a collaborative environment in which people are encouraged to share and learn from each others’ experiences, thus contributing to the added value that neuromarketing brings to market research.

Stay tuned for the most interesting events and topics from the Neuromarketing World Forum in New York.

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