Get Ready for Web Summit 2017!

We are just days away from the largest technology conference on earth, Web Summit in Lisbon, on November 6. We are delighted to announce that Buyer Brain team is in the race for the BEST PITCH in the STARTUP COMPETITION against the world’s leading 200 early-stage startups. The live on-stage battle will take place in front of distinguished investor panels, the most influential media and thousands of attendees right on Centre Stage. The big draw will be the moment when the best start-up will be crowded “Winner of PITCH 2017″, giving it the opportunity to be launched to the global stage.

This november you’ll have the chance to find out more about Customer Effort and the immense benefits that businesses gain from using EAS (Effort Assessment Score).  EAS is a versatile tool that explores how companies can reach a perfect balance between customer expectations and customer effort in order to create a unified customer experience.

But why measure customer effort?

First of all, effort is strongly correlated with loyalty and consumer engagement.

Measuring effort will help you build a better customer journey. You will gain practical data about where the friction comes from and where customers find it difficult to interact with your brand. This allows you to quickly fix those issues and improve the customers’ experience.

Second, measuring effort contributes to business growth. Once you make the experience seamless for your customers, they will be more likely to do business with your company and also recommend you to their friends.

What about the key benefits of the EAS?

EAS is a simple and intuitive metric that translates into actionable insights, outperforming its declarative counterparts – CES, NPS and CSAT.

It also measures the exact level of effort expended by customers during a specific interaction with the organization, collecting information across the 4 effort dimensions: time effort (the hours people spend when they want to buy something), physical energy (the amount of energy spent when they need to physically go to the market, for example), cognitive effort (the amount of mental energy required to process a certain piece of information: user manual, website etc.) and emotional state (the result of a cumulative and subjective interpretation of events/situations).

EAS is also the only strategic business tool that integrates traditional declarative research with an implicit non-declarative assessment.

Knowing your customers’ effort level and decreasing it, you can create loyal customers primarily by helping them solve their problems quickly and easily.

Give it a try with our free demo account. You will love it!

More visitors. Fierce competition.

Back to Web Summit, on Wednesday, November 8th, we will be exhibiting for 60.000 visitors from 171 countries around the globe. Our competition is fierce: some of the world’s hottest and promising tech startups out there will be fighting to catch attendees’ attention. CEOs, Think Tank leaders, international press, Nobel Prize winners, Presidents, Mayors, European Commissioners and many other high-profile personalities will be joining us at the event.

Web Summit is around the corner. Can’t wait to be part of this amazing experience!

We are going to share this experience with our readers, so stay tuned & follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Will get back soon with hot news from the conference.

Go Buyer Brain Team!

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