Depending on the goals of the project and the objectives or the “problem” that the client shares with us, our market & products research designs can vastly vary.


Pragmatic & exhaustive

Our approach to custom research design is both pragmatic and exhaustive, as we look at bringing together the best neuro-powered or traditional tools in our portfolio to extract results with the highest level of accuracy, while analyzing as many data streams as possible.

A simplistic example of how we combine different types of data streams is the following:


And a deep understanding of mixed qual & quant methodologies

We are one of the few neuroscience insights companies that has deep understanding of mixed qual and quant methodologies, applied with neuro-powered tools, and a solutions-oriented team that has extensive experience with common industry pain points and proven domain knowledge.


has always been on:

Creating custom research designs that are unique to almost each study we’ve conducted.

We strongly believe that a study tailored and optimized for our customers’ specific needs, will lead to a final comprehensive report packed with deep insights & practical recommendations ready to be applied right away.

Types of custom market
& product research

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