A unique take on customers' experiential journeys

The conclusions of 12 years of Service Delivery Gap Polls and Surveys shows that:


of surveyed companies reported an above-average customer experience


of the actual clients felt that this was true.

A greatly designed customer experience will leave a deep positive impression on your customers, so much so that they will immediately see the benefits of choosing your brand instead of another and will even become your advocates.
If you fail to do so, then you are most probably losing potential long-term/loyal customers every day, and instead, are spending huge budgets on acquiring new leads.

How does it work?

A reliable and accurate method

of determining which touch points, channels or experiences need to be improved, redesigned or just implemented differently, is ensured by cutting-edge neuroscience tools. Buyer Brain’s Customer Journey Mapping solution makes use of them conjointly to extract meaningful and actionable customer insights that businesses can use right away.

Customer Journey Mapping

Is a great way of visually depicting the steps customers goes through, and the fastest method for a company to understand which touch points act as catalysts and which are detracting the customer experience.

Our solution analyses customers’ experiential context by breaking it down into:


What is the customer doing at each stage of the journey? What actions are they taking to move themselves to the next stage?


What are the uncertainties, the jargon, the issues preventing the customer to move to the next stage?


Why is the customer motivated to keep going to the next stage? What emotions are they feeling? Why do they care?


What barriers stand in the way of moving to the next stage?

Why Use Customer Journey Mapping?

Why Use Customer Journey Mapping?

Accurate depiction of touch points

Access to your customers’ emotions and attitudes

without going through an exhausting process of filtering data and biased information.

Customer Journeys fine tuned

to improve engagement and enhance your turnover.

Case Study | Financial Services CMJ

A cross-channels evaluation of each touch point and process that was relevant for the customer experience, throughout the banking customer journey. On top we added an in-depth analysis of the emotional impact each had overall.

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