Welcome to the 2023 CXPA European CX Survey!

We value your opinion and thank you for your time invested in completing this survey!
The purpose of this study is to understand the context in which you carry out your daily CX

The first section comprises of a Sorting Task game, where we’ll explore the significance
you attach to various aspects related to your CX activities. The second section consists
of a questionnaire with specific questions about the interactions and challenges faced by
your CX department.

We kindly ask you to set aside 10-12 minutes to complete the study. Your responses will be
treated confidentially and used solely for research purposes.

To access the study, please click on the button below. Your participation is highly appreciated,
and we thank you for being an integral part of our efforts to advance customer experience!

If you wish to receive the 2023 CXPA European CX Report, kindly share your email address:

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