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Drawing on our experience with building employee engagement

in organizations of different sizes and industries, we have found several common challenges, some of which might sound familiar to you too.

Doing more with less

The need to do more with less: the ongoing challenge for strict cost management.

Increased turnover

Disengaged employees that cause higher inefficiencies, increased rates of absenteeism and turnover.

Needs & desires

Lack of clear understanding about what acts as motivators or detractors for employees, as there is a high variety of needs, desires and expectations.

Emotion & Attachment

Difficulties in establishing emotional bonds with employees and in creating a sense of attachment to the organization.

How does it works?

Emotions, important in work performance

We believe that emotions play a big role in our work performance, particularly because they are at the root of our motivational system, attitudes and expectations. They determine our behavior and influence our decisions every day.

Disengagement at the workplace…

Can also be the result of an increasingly difficult to navigate organizational environment. It’s true that bigger corporations are more productive, they pay higher wages, enjoy higher profits, and are more successful in international markets.

But they are also at a higher risk of developing complex internal processes and overly difficult employee procedures that ultimately lead to increased friction and an unsatisfying workplace experience for their employees.

How does it work?

Emotions tell us so much about those we work with

So try to look at them as a valuable data source to better understanding people. If you know how they feel, you can predict their behavior, identify what motivates them, paint an accurate picture of the working environment, pinpoint personal strengths and weaknesses and so on.

Buyer Brain’s People Engagement Solution

Delivers personalized employee engagement strategies that rely on accurate, deep and unbiased insights collected by using cutting-edge neuroscience tools.

Our Employee Engagement solution

Has an effort measurement module that examine each organisational process and procedure and accurately pinpoint those that are detracting or enabling your employees’ experiences, determining the exact level of impact on their overall engagement.

Why use People Engagement Solution?

Strong & impactful

A strong & impactful employee engagement strategy focused on people initiatives.

Retention rates & engagement levels

Increased retention rates and engagement levels for current employees.

High-commitment organization

A high-commitment organization that performs better and is more productive.

Case Study | Auto Industry People Engagement

The present assessment aimed to determine the employees’ propensity to fulfill their jobs, expressed as the balance between their levels of Energy and Focus. Read on to find out everything about the client, methodology and valuable insights that the team delivered.

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