Boosting revenue

Entering the 2020s, the pharmaceutical industry has reached a volatile and complex state in its trajectory.

Changing behaviours

Customers’ perceptions and behaviours have changed consistently with expectations getting increasingly demanding.


These changes are accelerated by the massive and abrupt adoption of digital technologies that have changed the way people do business, for both B2C and B2B.

Pharmaceutical Companies need to better understand their customers’ and prescribers’ emotions and sub-conscious reactions, to accurately identify the engagement barriers and drivers. The industry’s trend of hyper-specialization requires focused & specialized solutions.
There is a limited value that traditional insights methodologies and marketing intuition can bring for a company. This approach is no longer sufficient for a brand to thrive in such a competitive and complex environment. Thus, companies need to employ science-based, accurate and innovative solutions, in order to increase their turnover and market share.

Our wide-range expertise covers every single step it takes to enhance demand engagement. Our “neuro-powered toolbox” enables us to build a comprehensive solution:

Unbiased insights using neuroscience, data analysis, and in-depth interactions.

Customer engagement & loyalty solutions.

Digital journeys & customer experience.

Through effective communication strategies & design.

Behavioral sciences to shift consumer behavior.

Service offerings. Increase Demand Engagement for RX & OTC

Buyer Brain’s Healthcare Division

combines neuroscience, behavioral sciences, communication expertise, professional design, and deep domain knowledge to solve some of the most pressing challenges in the Pharmaceutical industry:

Patient Adherence to Treatment

(How do you help patients stick to their treatment?)

Brand Prescribing Engagement

(How do you build trust with physicians and encourage recommendations?)

Pharmacy Retail Engagement

(How do you get the best visibility and promotion for your products in pharmacies?)


LENS – Neuroscience-powered customer and prescriber Insights

distributed to the entire customer-base to identify unbiased and non-conscious perceptions motivations and expectations.

with every stakeholder to understand context and set relevant objectives and hypothesis.

to understand customer details characteristics and behavior.

for an accurate and clear overview of the situation.

Customer Journey Analysis

Buyer Brain

Instead of traditional alternatives?

engagement drivers & barriers.
deep conscious & non-conscious insights, biases, and perceptions and increase brand loyalty.
emotional drivers of human behavior.
biases/blind spots of traditional research methods.
behavioral sciences & neuroscience to create the most persuasive communication strategy.
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