Reboot your customer loyalty

Do you know

that 5% increase in customer retention will boost your company’s profits by as much as 75%?

A neuroscience-powered solution

 to build long-lasting emotional bonds with customers

The truth is that…

Despite consistent and continuous financial efforts made to support innovative customer loyalty programs, companies fail to keep customers committed for the long haul.

From our experience

…no matter the financial resources and effort poured into customer engagement strategies, if they are not based on deep & accurate insights about the target groups, the impact is minimal.

How does is works?

Buyer Brain’s Neuro Loyalty Solution goes beyond the surface and dives deep into customers’ unconscious biases and perceptions. By combining cutting-edge neuro-powered tools and hard data, we reveal consumers’ declarative and implicit expectations, desires, emotions and attitudes that shape their behavior and decision-making process.

Motivation & Engagement. By knowing exactly what motivates and engages customers at a deeper experiential level we create loyalty programs that become sticky.
Emotion & Behavior. Creates a comprehensive picture of the consumer with his/her plethora of emotional and behavioral drivers that we further analyze to better understand their attitudes and expectations.
Loyalty strategy.
The result is a Loyalty strategy that focuses on relevant benefits for each customer while also considering their context and expectations.

Why use the Neuro Loyalty Solution?

Granular & accurate

understanding of customer context, needs and expectations.

Guaranteed improvement

of your customer loyalty programs.

Engaged customers

that increase your company’s turnover and profitability

Case Study | AGRO Industry Neuro Loyalty
Client: One of the worlds’s largest Agro-chemical manufacturer.
Objective: Measure friction in existing retailers’ journey and the B-B-C journey.
Solutions: Use EAS to measure the friction at the process level. Internal channel engagement process defined to deliver and manage differentiated engagement across tiers.
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