2 Days of an Insightful Knowledge Accelerator that will transform the way you look at your Customer Experience strategy.

After attending our Neuro CX Accelerator, you will gain a fresh perspective on how you can substantiate and enrich your customers’ experience. You will acquire the know-how to analyze the desired drivers of experience and will learn how to craft an appropriate organizational response in order to deliver such an experience.


The Neuro CX


NeuroCX Accelerator does not end in the classroom. We know that implementation is, after all, key. When you enroll in the Accelerator, you benefit from 3 free Skype call sessions over the next 120 days. During the calls, we will assess, hand-hold and guide you with the development and implementation of your customer experience strategy. It is your chance to pick our brains and make sure you get the most out of the ideas that you have.

Neuroscience-centric customer insights
Problem Solving Focused
Free follow-up and implementation consulting
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