Agro Case Study


One of the largest agro-chemical manufacturer in the world with a channel sales organization and no less than 33,000 retailers across India. The client was looking to ensure channel loyalty and engagement in order to drive higher growth.


A NEURO LOYALTY CASE STUDY. Creating High Channel Engagement

  • Client

    One of the largest agro-chemical manufacturer

  • Methodology


  • Industry



The Indian agriculture sector remains the backbone of the nation’s economy, accounting for about 15 percent of the country’s GDP. Nearly 60 percent of rural households rely on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. To support continued growth, the agrochemical industry sector is developing strategies to grow strong distribution channels which are primarily based on retailers. Margins are different, depending on the brand, and so higher margins on competitor brands, can strongly motivate retailers to actively promote a different brand.


We created a multilingual platform to deliver the following:

(EAS Effort Assessment Score)

Specifically, our approach made use of our (EAS Effort Assessment Score) solution, in which implicit testing coupled with in-depth surveying helped us flesh out the best recommendations and guidelines.


Primary finding

Our primary finding was that the client needed to transform their current loyalty program from “Earn’n’Burn” to a business catalyst model.

Implementation steps

A number of steps had to be taken in order to implement this:
- redefining the loyalty program based on loyalty & behavioral drivers identified,
- designing a differentiated engagement program,
- redefining internal roles and competencies in alignment with the new channel structure & segmentation.

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