From promoters to buyers

CONSUMER shifts:

New definitions

of what constitutes value

Emotional associations and Ease

will be key decision drivers

Recession fatigue

will cause customers to become less forgiving

Customers will actively avoid

effortful brands and complex transactions

Impact for


Organic Sales

will be the first port of call


will take precedence over margins


in cost of sales will be a key goal

Prevention of customer churn

will have significantly increased importance and focus

Impact for

CX & operations professionals

Metrics (NPS, CSAT)

must directly link to revenue/profitability outcomes

Metrics must give

operational roadmaps, not just strategic indicators

Assessment frameworks

should include lagging AND leading indicators of performance

What is missing?

Unbiased insights
Actionable roadmaps

Trunorth promise

An “Out-of-the-box” solution that provides:

Unbiased propensity to recommend
Contextual Insights into drivers of friction
Engagement friction that prevents recommendations
Implementable actionable plans
TruNorth probe*​
Configure Trunorth
Release to customer​

Can be released tot he entire customer base, in multilingual mode, no sampling restrictions.

TruNorth insights​
Action plans
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