Reduce Customer Effort | A neuro-powered solution to decrease customer friction

Effort Assessment

 is the most effective way to identify the actions required to improve customers’ experience across their journeys or discreet interactions with companies.


Research shows that if you make it easy for your clients to do business with you:


From you customers will come back


will spend more and they will also recommend you

In the day-to-day business, this rule applies for every product, brand or service that people use.

How does it work?

Buyer Brain’s Effort Assessment Score (EAS)

takes the current methodology of measuring customer effort to the next level. Our neuroscience-powered, online platform measures Effort across 4 dimensions.

Time Effort

The amount of time people spend when they want to buy something or solve an issue.

Physical Energy

The amount of energy spent when people need to go to the store or company branch.

Cognitive Load

The amount of mental energy required to process a certain piece of information.

Emotional Impact

The emotional valence of the cumulative and subjective interpretation of events.

Effort can be measured

At the process or touch point level
At brand or product level
Throughout the entire customer journey

EAS collects both implicit and declarative data and calculates an effort score for the entire customer journey and individual scores for each of the studied processes, touchpoints, brands or products.

Buyer Brain’s EAS robust methodology

is grounded in decades of research in neuroscience, psychology and behavioral science and provides actionable insights that you can apply right away.

Why use Buyer Brain EAS?

Easy to apply & scalable neuroscience-powered solution.
Long-term increase in customer loyalty

paired with a significant reduction in costs.

Accurate Results & Insights

that you can apply to your specific business pain points.

Case Study | Financial Services Effort Assessment

The main objective of this study was to increase customer engagement for one of the largest banks in Asia, by measuring effort across all channels, at the process level, thus diagnosing critical areas that needed improving.

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